Authentic Vietnamese Pho, or bone broth noodle soup located in Belgrade, MT across from the Dairy Queen.  The Vietnamese like to make a bone broth soup, not only as food, but also for its great medicinal purposes.If you are looking to gain the health benefits of a great tasting soup, that not only gives you awesome nutrition, but helps keep you stronger longer.



-Top 5 Benefits Why Bone Broth Is Good For A Healthy Life-


1.Bone broth makes your joints smooth, and  is loaded with collagen that helps our joints maintain a health longer.

2. Bone broth supports healthy hair, skin, And nails.



3.Bone broth heals your gut. The gelatin in the bone broth spackles the access hole in the gut linging.

4. Bone broth reduces your need for meat and protein.

5. Bone broth helps get toxins out of the body.You can get tons of glycine from bone broth.The liver needs amino acid glycine to detoxify effectively

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marcia robinson
November 26, 2017 at 5:42 am

Is the bone beef soup made with grassfed beef?


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